EAD E60HD MKII, is a totally reworked unit, but still based on the previous EAD E60, so upgrading shouldn’t be a problem.

We kept the same dimensions, but the basket is completely new. The die-cast tool now allows us to change the front between round and rectangular in production, hence we have two versions, but everything else remains the same between them. The basket has also been improved with a stronger and more open design.

The round front is designed to match the larger units if used together in a two-way system. The rectangular front is more useful when designing arrays with side-by-side assembly, making the C-C distance as small as possible and thereby minimizing the comb effects.

The E60 HD MKII comes with a copper cap, just like the bigger brother; “E100 HD,” which is why we also added the “HD” to the name. The E60HD MKII features a metal cone, which allows this unit to effortlessly cover the range

105Hz to 30kHz in free air, (but has been undertuned as low as 40Hz even, in a small monitor, by one of our OEM’s).

The cap has been changed for a better fit to the cone and thecone has been changed to allow for a larger coil (ID 19.4 m.m.). The resonant frequency of this unit is 105Hz, which allows a single unit, in a closed box, to form the basis for a superb satellite/sub-bass system together with E130 or E170.Min box volume is where you can fit the driver, depending on the application, but 0.5 to 1L will still give you an F3 around 140-150Hz. With careful design, the driver can be used in vented cabinets too and go even lower.

The E60HD MKII driver may also be used in multiple arrays, facilitated by the rectangular chassis.

A Vertical, Linear Array System provides the most dramatic recreation of live stage realism ever achieved.
Grouping them in 4, 9 or 16 units will keep the initial impedance. More info will be found in our design area, in due time.

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