Bass brings the music to life. It’s the body and soul of the song.

The E170 will bring you the deepest tones in a clean and dynamic fashion. It’s capable of delivering sub 20Hz in a system, but at the same time it’s a wide band unit taking you all the way to 15Khz, which makes it easy crossing over to a smaller unit like the E60 or E100, where you find it suitable, in a 2-way system.

The E170 gives you plenty of options with its dual coils too. Besides giving you the option of 8, 16 or 32 Ohm, you can also short the second coil with a resistor to vary the Q between approximately 0.4 to 0.8 or do even more advanced circuits involving the second coil.

A lot of information on the subject can be found on Internet.
Moving plenty of air is very important in order to produce a solid bass and using multiple drivers is one way to achieve this.

Perhaps the most practical advantage with a dual voice coil, is the wiring possibilities of multiple units, e.g. connecting 8×32 ohm units in parallel, for a tall line array, gives you a total of 4 ohm with simple wiring.

The E170 works well in both closed and vented designs.
All this flexibility is found in a single driver.

The E170 MKII comes with a new basket, other than that, it’s a straight fit to the earlier E170. Please see dimensions on the next page.

All EAD units do exceptionally well with live acoustic music, like Jazz or blues and voices are very clear and present in the listening room.

Manufacturer’s Specifications