With the capacity to embrace a range of nine octaves in a system, the E100HD MKII offers among the widest bandwidth of any single drive unit on the market. This not only provides a seemless, crossover free sound, but allows for a wide range of applications and simplifies high quality designs as well.

The E100HD can be successfully used with all types of enclosures including closed or vented boxes, transmission lines and horn loaded designs. It is very suitable for high quality, home cinema, hifi and custom installations.
The rise above 4KHz can advantageously be compensated by using a toe in and off axis listening, which widens the horisontal soundstage as well.

As a full range unit, the E100HD is also very suitable for 2 or 3 way systems, e.g. crossing over to a ribbon unit, where the wide band performance simplifies a 1st order cross over and the aluminium cone blends in seamlessly with the ribbon unit.

The main difference between the E100 and E100HD is the tailored, Cu capped pole piece, carefully selected, to meet our specifications. This extends and improves the high frequency response to 25KHz, lowers high frequency impedance, Eddy currents as well as distorsion.

Just like the bigger bass units, the E100HD does well in both closed and vented designs. With a properly tuned cabinet, the E100HD delivers a firm and impressive bass.

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